Inspiration – Agile Coaching


This page contains a lot of inspiring and free extra material focusing on the discipline Agile and Agile Coaching. So please read and please return with feedback or contributions/requests for additional material.

Part of the material probably requires an explanation so contact me (

Material (belonging to may be copied as long as the source is mentioned!


  1. Introduction for role and tips arround Real Agile Coach (21min)
  2. Introduction video for Agile HR  (Ca. 25 min)
  3. Introduction for Lean Portfolio Management  (SAFe) (Ca. 60 min)
  4. Believe in Change projects and personal leadership (“Liminal Thinking”) (18min)
  5. Business Agility Fitness for your Business Video (28min)

Links/Extra material:

  1. Agile for NewComers
  2. Agile for ProductOwners (Owning what ?)
  3. Agile Out of Control ?
  4. Does Agile Frame actual Work ? (SAFe or not)
  5. Agile for Real Agile Coaches ?
  6. Agile for  Scrum Masters (Master what ?)
  7. Simple agile Introduction (The Microsoft way)
  8. The Scrum Guide (Mindmap)
  9. Scrum Software in 30 days (Mindmap)
  10. EBook-20-facilitation-tips-for-great-retrospectives-The-Practitioners-Retrospective-Guide (Jean Michel Diaz)
  11. Liminal Thinking oveview (Powerpoint)
  12. Liminal Thinking overview (Excel)
  13. Business Agility Fitness for your Business  (Pdf)
  14. P-Model for Workshop Design
  15. P-Model Excel Template
  16. P-Model Word Template
  17. P-Model Simpelmind Template (Request by
  18. Agile Communities Of Practices (CoP)